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One Step at a Time - Arlo Update

That's how we're taking things lately.

Arlo was pretty good for his ride today, actually he did great considering the length of time since our last ride. I keep letting excuses keep me from actually working my horses and I need to stop. Hoping I can get back into a routine soon!

His steering wars much better today but we lost some forward motion from our last ride. We also found our first scary thing. We have a roll of wire fencing that we've been using for repairs. Arlo's seen it before, I've seen him lay down next to it. Yesterday however I moved it to a new location and he must not have seen it in it's new home. He never did anything wrong he was just very headstrong about "I'm not going near it!" I ended up getting off and leading him over to it, once back in the saddle he was a little better but still reluctant to go into that corner. I ended our ride by lunging him in that area, getting him to relax around the scary fencing.

Horses have a way to find the most ridiculous things to be afraid of but that fear is what kept him alive in the wild.

Health wise I'm getting the sense that he's going into a relapse, I'm seeing subtle signs that he's just not right. This could also be the reason why we didn't have as much go as we normally do during our ride. Along his top line he looks like he's losing some muscle and when standing in the field I notice that his hind legs are usually stretched out way behind him or almost crossed. I've been in contact with a company in California that sells homeopathic horse treatments, and there has been a lot of success stories with EPM horses using their products. I went a head and purchased this for Arlo. I may be wrong about the relapse but I rather treat him than wait and have the possibility of him getting worse. This treatment is much more affordable than what we were doing through my vet so it was an easy decision to make.

We should be getting everything by next week, until then I plan on keeping up the light exercise, I may stop riding him during treatment but will keep walking and lunging daily to help him build strength.

I will keep you guys updated as we go!

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