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Geldings go to Jupiter

Mares go to college to get more knowledge.

Yes, I am a mare person. Yes, I currently only own geldings. WHY?

Chick Snow Secret "Shiloh" AQHA Mare

So first let's talk about why I'm part of the minority when it comes to mares. Mares have hormones, like women they have cycles, they get moody. Geldings are very steady in their moods, they're comparable to a lab, eager to please. A mare makes you work for it. Thats what I love. I love the challenge. I find mares to be smarter, it takes awhile to convince them to do what you want, but once they're convinced it doesn't leave them. Notice I said convince and not teach. All of my reasonings for liking mares are usually the same reasons that others prefer geldings.

Now why don't I own a mare? It's not really a short answer. I did own a mare before, Shiloh, she was an amazing horse. I loved everything about her, then she began going lame here and there. Her lameness became more consistent and eventually she was diagnosed with Ring bone and navicular. At the time I was boarding my horses, paying $425 each horse every month. I had Lakota who also had navicular, his medication added another $100 a month, plus corrective shoeing was easily another $120 or more every 6 weeks. I was 18, just out of high school, in college and working 3 jobs to pay for my horses. I knew I couldn't afford to properly care for 2 horses with this condition. So Shiloh went to a new home in Connecticut where she was going to be used for light trail riding and as a brood mare. I received updates for the first few months after she left but since have not been able to contact her new owner. Having to re-home a horse isn't something I do often and it was extremely hard to do so. I still miss my bay girl to this day. If things had been different she probably would still be with me.

After Shiloh I have obviously purchased more horses. Sporty I took on about 6 months later, he was suppose to be a resale project. Which is the reason I got a gelding, people like geldings their easier to sell. 12 years later Sporty's still here so we see how the reselling went. Jingle stole my heart when Is saw his sad little face on facebook in the feedlot. I wasn't looking for a horse, or a mini, but I saw him while scrolling and couldn't stop thinking about him. When picking Arlo I once again got a gelding because Arlo was going to be a resale project (I think I need to stop believe I can resell horses). So here I am with 3 geldings, my next mares out there somewhere though, I just have to find her.

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