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Caution: Free Range Children at Play

I'm far from being the perfect mom, most days I question if I could even consider myself a 'good' mom. I don't think I'm alone in saying that motherhood is a tough job. Today's world has added more pressures and obstacles that make being a mom even more stressful. What I can say I'm doing right for my son is raising him in the environment he's in. I affectionately call him a free range kid, he's got our 5 acre farm as his playground.

Weston Scouting for Turkeys

Weston's love for horses isn't as strong as I would prefer, he rides on occasion but he goes most days without even paying the horses much attention. He loves to work though, doing chores and fixing things around the property are his passion. I'm constantly picking up scrap pieces of wood that have been nailed together that were his project for the day. Scouting for deer and turkey to hunt has become another favorite past time.

Weston's teacher at school is always excited when we have a show and tell item, it's always something nature related and not commonly seen when living in our area. One day Jingle even made it to school, Weston beamed with pride as his friends ooo'ed and aw'ed over his pony!

Jingle in the parking lot at Weston's PreSchool

Today's world is a scary place, living through this pandemic is something I never imagined could happen, yet alone being tasked with raising a 4 year old through it as well. I am beyond grateful I have room to let Weston play as opposed to being at our old 900 sq. ft. home in the suburbs.

I hope we can share this experience with other children, even if it's only for an hour, through our lesson program. Teaching kids to enjoy the outdoors and care for animals both domestic and wild is important and gets over looked too often. Free ranging is a parenting practice that works for us, it may not work for all but I know there's no way I could fence mine in even again.

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